chilldeepchunkyfunkyhouse music mixes

dj helen lhim

Originally from Michigan, dj helen also known as chunkyfunky has always had her heart in the instrumental sound.  Classical, jazz, and soundtrack music of the 1940s and 50s had a great deal of influence on her at an early age.  These were great examples of how musicians utilized sound to create a sense of mood, moment, and drama. 

In 2006, helen started djing, moving through sections of genres: 60s,70s, 80s rock, new wave, R&B/soul, funk, hip hop, then to downtempo, breakbeat, drum and bass and house music.  She developed an affinity to house music with its deep bass beats and various styles within the one genre.

Currently working in san francisco, dj helen
strives to create the soundtrack for the moment, always bringing the chilldeepchunkyfunky vibe.

VENUES                                          LOCATION
Mars Bar                                         San Francisco CA
Atmosphere                                    San Francisco CA
California Academy of Sciences    San Francisco CA
Ryoko's                                           San Francisco CA
Kaama Lounge                                San Jose CA
Kingman's Lounge                          Oakland CA
Golden Gate Park                           San Francisco CA
Bimbo's 365                                    San Francisco CA
Lounge 3411                                   Oakland CA